Egg Yolk is the first chapter in a series of stories about divorce, love, life and starting again. Violet retells the defining moment of her marriage, the night she called it quits with her husband.

Telling People is the title of the second chapter. In this part of the series Violet shares the different reactions she received from her friends when they found out about her divorce. She also outlines her expectations and disappointments from the divorce.

Life after divorce can be very lonely, you'd end up doing just about anything to pass the time. For Violet, playing online scrabble turned out to be a very thrilling and satisfying hobby to fill the void.

The third chapter is an introduction to the fun and games a recently divorced woman can look forward to.

If you read chapter three then you'll know all about Violet's titillating scrabble opposition. An unexpected online meeting quickly turns into a first date. Read chapter four to find out more about this scrabble buddy.

Being single can be a fun and liberating experience, at any age. You can explore the vineyard, scout the dating scene and when the bean tingles you can use your hand to answer the call. In chapter five, Violet gives newly singles some steamy and intoxicating tips.

Odd housemates, disappearing vibrators and a pot of boiling bones. Violet Online has yet another adventure in chapter six.

The lonely bug creeps in and out often when you're single. As an attempt to try get herself out of the lonely roller coaster, Violet decided to start internet dating in chapter seven. It sounds like a great idea at the time but so many things end up going wrong.

By this point you'd think Violet has learned her lesson about the risks associated with seeking online pleasure. In chapter eight she tries out cyber sex and doesn't get what she expected.

Chapter nine is titled Masturbation just isn't the same anymore because, well, sometimes life can get in the way of you having a little fun and the much needed "me time".

In chapter ten, Violet gets a new job that requires her to change her name to Tantric Violet. Her first assignment is to research sensual sanctuaries. At a sexual energy massage parlour, she gets way more than she bargained for.

As you should know by now, Violet has a slight obsessions with the internet. She just can't stop going online. The eleventh chapterof the series is about her date with someone black, young and possibly well hung.

First dates are very tricky. Not only do you want to hold a conversation and sound like a normal person, you also want to look your best. In chapter twelve, Violet learns this the hard, and kinda mean, way when she is told she looks like a whore on the night of her first date.

Women are constantly being told to shave down there and always keep it neat and tidy. A curious Violet decides she wants a full Brazilian wax in chapter thirteen. After the pain and anguish of having her lady bit man-handled, she begins to question why men prefer a smooth vagina.

The older you get, the harder it is to date. At least that's what Violet thinks in chapter fourteen.

Violet's incident at the gym brings a more heated meaning to the phrase three's a crowd. Read chapter fifteen to know more about this awkward encounter.

We're all addicted to something, right? In chapter sixteen Violet admits to having an obsessive personality and screams out for, feeling that she might need to be relieved from her strong addictions.

The most expensive blind date ever is the seventeenth chapterof the Violet Online series. In this chapter Violet tells us all the things that can go wrong when you decide to start dating offline. 

Have you ever had sex so good you and your partner break everything in the house during your moment of passion? Well, Violet has and she reveals all in chapter eighteen.

In this hilarious nineteenth chapter of the series, Violet compares dating to the Hunger Games. Read the chapter to find out what type of 'dater' you are.

In chapter twenty, Violet admits that traveling is a pain, but thinks she might have to buy a ticket soon since she's dated most of the men in her area.

For most of South Africa, load shedding is back. Instead of moaning about what an inconvenience it is in chapter twenty-one, Violet Online, shares with us how she thinks we can find light in the dark.

In chapter twenty-two Violet gives older women tips on how to give great fellatio without hurting their necks.

The first guy we dated will always have a special place (big or small) in our hearts. In chapter twenty-three Violet brings up the question: Do we ever really get over our first love.

Violet absolutely loves online dating but hates the peeves that come with it like bad spelling! chapter twenty-four is about her online interest who couldn't even spell her name properly, and that was just the start.

Men! Can't live with them and can't live without them. Chapter twenty-five takes us to Magoebaskloof where Violet has an encounter with a man in uniform.

The topic of chapter twenty-six is carbs or as Violet likes to call it food porn. In this chapter she shares her love for food and her indifference towards Tim Noakes.

In chapter twenty-seven, Violet has an expensive and heartbreaking reminder that love and relationships are never going to be easy.

Violet tries to give up sex in chapter twenty-eight. She finds it's harder than she expected.

In chapter twenty-nine, Violet gets a make-over that includes blue hair!

Chapter thirty sees Violet learning just how unreliable and dishonest her love interest is.

In chapter thirty-one, Violet's lunch with a friend takes an interesting turn when she realizes her friend is having phone sex!

There's nothing quite like a best friend. Violet celebrates her "bff" in chapter thirty-two.

Pay attention, men! In chapter thirty-three, Violet gives you an online dating manual.

Read about Violet's scary trip to the doctor in chapter thirty-four.

In chapter thirty-five, Violet tackles her Facebook addiction head-on.

To Botox, or not? That' is the question Violet is asking herself in chapter thirty-six.

Violet urges her man to listen and communicate in chapter thirty-seven.

From mile high fantasy to armrest war, see Violet's airplane experience in chapter thirty-eight.

Chapter thirty-nine talks about pics, dicks and video games; the vices of some men.

Violet recounts an erotic bar fantasy in chapter forty.

In another one of her escapades, she goes on a hot date in chapter forty-one.

"Are we in love, or just friends with benefits?" Violet asks in chapter forty-two.

Violet live tweets her exciting date in chapter forty-three.

In chapter forty-four, Violet faces the prospect of sex for the first time since her divorce... on her matrimonial bed. 

Violet Online dares to explore anal sex in chapter forty-five.

Violet learns why friends with benefits doesn't work in chapter forty-six.

Violet embarks on a difficult detox journey in chapter forty-seven.

She takes time to reflect on why South Africans are so angry in chapter forty-eight.

Violet tries to make sense of her sex dreams in chapter fifty.

Violet identifies the man of her dreams by his texting style in chapter fifty-one.

Violet thinks she finally understands why men go for younger women in chapter fifty-two

Violet learns the power of eating out alone after being stood up in chapter fifty-three.

Violet shares why she sometimes dreads sex toy shopping in chapter fifty-four.

She shares with us her blissful yet shortlived online romance in chapter fifty-five.

Violet fears that we may be running out of time for sex in chapter fifty-six.

Violet shares what she looks for in a man in chapter fifty-seven.

Violet plans to be more authentic when dating in chapter fifty-eight.

In chapter fifty-nine, Violet urges us to break the cycle of bad relationships in their lives.

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