Not since the We-Vibe have I had as much fun reviewing a sex toy with a partner. But maybe that’s because I didn’t have just one toy to play with – but three. For, shall we say, ‘complete experience’ playtime fun, I chose the finger vibe, the butt plug and the bullet (which looks more like an egg to me than anything else). More on that just now.

First impressions

PicaBong is the affordable offshoot of luxury vibe manufacturer, Lelo. So while it’s easier on the pocket, it’s not a cheap knock-off product range. In fact, I was more impressed with this range of Lelo goodies than their own branded toys. The design is snappy and functional without trying to be cool or chic. The materials are top quality and each toy comes with a one-year warranty. So far, so impressed.

How do they work?

So. In my arsenal of playtime goodies I had the following:

Tano Plug Vibe – a vibrating butt plug that you pop up your bottom. I suppose this is technically for him so it can stimulate his P-Spot, but I found it worked just fine for me.
Ipo Finger Vibe – a sort of bullet vibe with a flexible finger slot.
Honi Mini Vibe – a bullet vibe that I didn’t use as a bullet vibe at all, because it comes with a handy little string, which means you can insert it vaginally also.

Mixing and matching

Because they’re so small and cute I thought I’d play with some combos for a fun shagathon session. Here are the combos I tried out and loved (those who are sensitive to naughty words should stop reading now):

Bottoms up

You sit in reverse cowgirl so that he can gently slide the butt plug into your bottom while he’s in you. Butt plugs can be funny things and tend to pop out the more excited you get, but sitting in reverse cowgirl means you get the double penetration feel while elegantly keeping that plug lodged in as you sit back.

He feels the pressure and gets the tingly vibe pulsing through your vaginal wall. Use the finger vibe on your clit for a truly all-over stim.

An eggcellent idea

Now I know the Honi Mini Vibe is pegged as a ‘bullet’, but because it has the string it can also double as an egg. And I know anal is not everyone’s cup ‘o tea. But, seriously, give this a bash.

Either in cowgirl position or with him behind you and a pillow between your legs (this gives you some lift and control over his movement while keeping the egg firmly inside and providing some grind pressure for your clit), insert the egg into your vagina while he comes in at the rear.

You’ll get the same pressure and vibe as described in ‘Bottoms Up’, but this time with more emphasis on your G-Spot and clitoris.


The great thing with quality finger vibes such as the Ipo is that they stay put regardless of how busy you’re going at it. Either use it on yourself while he is performing oral on you (delicious) or during penetration, or get him to steer this wheel. A great positions for this is the lazy Sunday morning spoon shag, where he is also able to reach your clit easily with is Ipo-powered finger vibe.

But you can go solo

Of course you don’t need a partner to have fun with these, but if you do want to experience the double penetration, simply use a dildo or penetrative vibe with these toys.

PicoBong stats

Each of the PicoBong vibes uses one AAA battery and sports two controls, a ‘–‘ and ‘+’ that powers the motor through a vibration intensity and 12 vibe patterns. Each little toy’s body is made of 100% silicon, while the screw-off end is made of hard plastic. It’s also waterproof and wonderfully quiet. I also enjoyed the little dice that came with it which could make for a fun game.

What I didn’t like

There are only two things I think worth mentioning. The first is the fact that the logo is imprinted in the silicone molding, which is just a stupid decision because it makes it a nightmare to clean. I suggest using a spray cleanser with this. Also, while they’re very proud of their 12 vibe patterns, I found them confusing and tedious to sort through and totally unnecessary in the mix n match game.

Should you run out an buy one?

Affordable and great quality, each of these little toys is a solid standalone toy in its own right. But the actual vibration patterns and strength aren’t that much to write home about, I reckon these work better paired up with a partner.

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