You lie on your back and cross your feet on your chest. Or, if you're incredibly supple, cross them behind your neck. Either way, you need to be supple enough to find the position comfortable.

Kneeling between your raised thighs, he enters you, gently squeezing your feet and ankles at the same time.

Why it's good for you:
Apart from the stimulation of the soles of the feet, this position allows a unique rocking pelvic movement.

Why it's good for him:
It feels exotic and adventurous. It's a deliciously primitive position that allows deep penetration and ignites the animal instinct in both of you. Also, he’ll love the view.

How to vary it:
Not much else you can do from here, short of applying for a job at the circus as a contortionist.

He comes very quickly in this position, which might not be a bad thing if you're beginning to feel a cramp in your legs.

This position should only be performed by an extremely supple woman, so if yoga's not your bag, this one might not be either.

However, those not so supple can try bringing their knees up to their shoulders and crossing their ankles on their stomach. However, this position must feel easy for you. Never try to force it, as it could be painful.

Are you supple & adventurous enough to try this style? Let us know how it goes... share your experience below.