#Trending sex columnist Jade Zwane answers all your sex and relationship questions.

Q: Can the drug Truvada stop a woman from being infected by a HIV-positive partner? How safe is it to use the drug?

Truvada can be used before and after risky sexual activity. It is used daily by people at a high risk of contracting HIV. That said, nothing is 100% foolproof. Your partner also needs to be taking their medication and have a low viral load in order to decrease the likelihood of contracting the virus. My suggestion is you use condoms and consult with a medical practitioner before making your final decision.

Q: I have a wife and one child and I love her so much. But at night I always dream of catching her with another man. This upsets me and I don’t want to lose her. I am worried about it when we are not together. She is in the village and I’m very far away, working in the city. What should I do?

Long-distance relationships can be very challenging. Share your fears with your wife and let her reassure you if she’s innocent of any wrongdoing. Is it not possible to move your family to come to be with you? If not, I recommend you go home as often as you possibly can. You need to trust your wife to do what’s best for your relationship and family. You cannot go on with the paranoia or you’ll drive yourself mad.

Q: How do I get my boyfriend to go down on me? He has done it once and it was great, but he hasn’t done it again. I am getting to the point where if he’s not going to dive, I’m going to stop giving him head.

Have an honest conversation with your boyfriend. Tell him you enjoy it when he goes down on you, and ask him why he stopped. Make sure to keep the area tidy and clean. It shouldn’t be a competition or something you seek vengeance about without a conversation beforehand. Good luck.

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