Ever wondered about the life of a male stripper in South Africa? Well, wonder no more.

This week, I spoke to stripper and male model Ziyaad Osman, of Fantasize SA, to find out what it takes to be a male exotic dancer in South Africa. Osman was more than happy to answer my sometimes invasive and inappropriate questions.

Asked why he strips, he says it’s not just about that.

“What we do is much more than just your average male stripping. For Fantasize SA, it’s about the art of combining exotic dancing with athleticism.

“It’s about how our hips move to the beat of the song that gives our audience the freedom to fantasise about how we should move. For example, a woman could fantasise about how she would wish to have a man move like that.

“To the average male, watching the guys dance could make him wish he could move like that, so that he can fulfil his woman’s fantasy. Hence the payoff line: ‘Don’t dream your life, live your fantasy.’”

How does someone get into male stripping?

Osman says the idea started with hosting parties for women, for them to enjoy an ideal ladies’ night out that includes some eye candy and exotic dancing in a clean, safe environment.

“There are not many entertainment companies that cater for females in this way,” says Osman.

But is that where it ends, or are there extra benefits for the audience?

“Exotic dancing is our main attraction,” Osman says.

“However, at our shows, we include a lot more, from lap dances, body shots, sensual massages from our topless athletic masseuse, to a body dessert section where you get to eat dessert off our guys’ upper body. To ensure hygiene, we disinfect the guys’ upper body after each ‘meal’.”

When asked if the money in male stripping is good, Osman says the company is still in its infancy, but there is great potential for growth.

Despite their busy schedule, Osman says stripping isn’t enough to financially support Fantasize SA’s dancers yet. They all have other jobs to make ends meet.

He says a fair amount of preparation goes into each show. Fantasize SA hosts seasonal public events and dances at private events like birthdays and hen parties at least once a month.

“As we get more exposure, we are looking at possibly having three to five gigs a night between Thursday and Sunday.”

Osman says Fantasize SA has found a niche in catering for women, so they don’t worry too much about possible competition

“In our line of work the competition is not that deep, because most entertainment companies cater for the male populace, so there is major room for growth in South Africa. There are only a handful of entertainment companies that cater for these types of parties and events.”

I have to ask: Does the audience ever want more than just a dance and how do dancers handle such requests?

“Yes, the audience does crave more from us,” Osman responds.

“But we reassure them that we, as Fantasize SA, sell fantasy, not sex.”

“Sex has an ending ... Fantasy doesn’t.”

  • Check out Fantasize SA (and their gorgeous dancers) at fantasizesa.co.za