According to Cosmopolitan, the billion-dollar female birth control industry may soon see a new player on the market: the male contraceptive. And men are fast showing their support to test it for the very first time.

Condoms and vasectomies have been the only reliable contraceptive options for men, but there’s a good chance that an alternative may soon be available. Vasalgel, has passed its ‘proof of concept’ as a new and improved contraceptive and will be ready for clinical testing on men later this year.

Trouble with the funding

According to online reports, Vasalgel should have appeared in the market by 2017. But Elaine Lissner, the executive director of the Foundation, admits trouble in funding the product’s development. She suggests it may only be available in 2018.

Developing a new product does not come cheap, but Lissner is confident in the support for this product and plans to bring in more investors.  

An alternative to a vasectomy

Vasalgel has a significant advantage over getting a vasectomy. According to the Parsemus Foundation, it is non-hormonal and reversible.  So, should a man wish to restore the flow of his sperm, the contraceptive can be flushed out with another injection.

How it works

The foundation explains that the gel-like substance of Vasalgel is injected in the penis and, just like a vasectomy, it prevents the sperm from leaving the vas deferens (the duct that conveys sperm from the testicle to the urethra - thank you high school biology).   

Lissner says it’s undetermined how long it is meant to last for. But it could possibly be years - a relief for guys interested in Vasalgel but who feel less than keen to have a needle poked into their delicates.

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