When the FIFA World Cup came to SA last year, we were very taken with the "size" of the event, and the big sell on how many people were watching it, how the world's eyes were upon us, and all that guff.

By comparison, the Women's World Cup has traditionally been relatively low-key. It was hardly advertised by our local sportcasters, though there was decent coverage to be found if you looked for it. When I eventually discovered that it was on, I did switch on whenever I could.

And this Women’s World Cup has made a convert out of me. The tournament was exciting, passionate and full of amazing, committed football. Yes. More so than the often stunted, overdramatic men's version was in 2010.

And then to see it not won by one of the traditional powerhouses  - Germany or the USA  - was a total bonus. By the time Germany took a dive in the quarter final at the hands of the resilient Japanese team I was completely hooked.

By the time Japan lifted the trophy last night after a massive onslaught by the USA I was bawling like a little baby again, jumping up and down in the living room with my fists in the air. It is a truly amazing thing to have witnessed such a display of mental discipline and – should I say courage – in the face of all odds.

Given everything that happened in Japan this year, it was one of those amazing things to witness, and I promise you not a dry eye in the house!

Congratulations JAPAN, 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions! And congrats to all the teams who provided a fantastic advert for the Women's game.

And you?