Have you walked 800km or more in your shoes?

Sounds like a lot, but if the answer is yes, it’s time to go shoe shopping. You should replace your walking shoes every 800km – that’s about every 7 to 8 months if you walk 24km a week. If you’re carrying a little extra weight, or you tend to have foot or joint problems, you may have to replace your walking shoes more often. Cross-training shoes tend to take more of a beating and ideally should be replaced after 100 hours of wear time.

Does the exterior show signs of wear?

For example, does the upper look as if your foot has pushed it to one side? If you answered yes, it’s time to invest in a new pair.

How well is the inside of the sole holding up?

Slip one hand inside the shoe and place the other on the sole. Compare the thickness compressibility, and cushioning under the big toe joint and the heel with other less-stressed areas. If you notice a variation, go shoe shopping. The breakdown of the midsole is very subtle, and your body constantly adapts to it. You may not notice the difference until your get a new pair.

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