Try some - or all - of these workout tips for your fittest year yet. 

1. Take a running class at your gym. 


2. Use a trampoline while exercising. 


3. Take a trip that combines fitness with fun such as Surf Yoga Beer (or just Surf Yoga if you're in Cape Town). 

4. Push yourself to try out a bootcamp-style camp. 

5. Incorporate an extra obstacle into your spin or running class, such as doing it underwater. 

6. Invest in Tonal (if you can) - a home gym that gives you a full-body workout and comes with an AAI smart watch. That way, you can blast your favourite Lizzo tunes to add an extra kick to your workout. 

7. Add meditation into your workout schedule with either a class or on your own before and after exercising. 

And remember to have fun while you're at it.  

Compiled by Afika Jadezweni

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