Boitumelo Thulo

TV presenter, actress and model, Boitumelo Thulo is a fitness freak and she’s her own personal trainer. Boity told ETV that she prefers to gym in the comfort of her own home, as she doesn’t use heavy machinery and sometimes gets training and exercise tutorials on the internet.

TIP: Drink lots of water and also try cinnamon with boiled water, which is great for weight loss.

Suzelle DIY

DIY expert, Suzelle loves to stay fit and exercise despite being a lazy person (or so she says). This comedian finds unique and creative ways to make working out fun and exciting.

TIP: Her favourite exercise trick is to dance, wherever you are.

Unathi Msengana

The singer lost 28kg in a year and hasn’t looked back since. According to Women’s Health, Unathi challenged herself to do the Unlimited Dusi canoe marathon and trained for an hour and a half every day. The Idols SA judge walks 10km a day and then goes on a 6km jog.

TIP: Buy a clothing item you’re aiming to fit in to and do NOT weigh yourself, but rather see the garment as a goal to a better you.

Lalla Hirayama

The SA's Got Talent judge has always been active since her dad enrolled her in dance classes at the age of 3. According to Channel 24, Lalla got bullied as a kid and because of that she has always tried to stay fit. The presenter keeps in shape by dancing, going to the gym, and is even part of the S.W.E.A.T.1000 team.

TIP: Listen to music while working out.

Pearl Thusi

South African actress and model, Pearl Thusi is a gym junkie and is always encouraging people to do the same on social media. According to OK Mzansi, earlier this year, Pearl set herself a challenge to get a six-pack for her birthday, which was on the 13th of May. The Isidingo actress achieved her goal by exercising with a personal trainer from S.W.E.A.T.1000.

TIP: Always drink water before eating so that you don't overeat.

Leigh-Anne Williams

TV presenter and model, Leigh-Anne Williams loves to stay fit and works out with fitness trainer, Bruce Benjamin. Leigh-Anne trained hard for Strictly Come Dancing SA this year and it paid off, as the Morning Expresso presenter was runner up of the dancing competition. She recently shared that she is now a member of Zone Fitness gym.

TIP: Always wear comfortable training gear.

Pabi Moloi

Television personality, Pabi loves to workout and frequently posts videos and pictures on her Instagram account. With her personal trainer Hlonipha Maboko, Pabi does boxing, weights, skipping, aerobics and jogging to keep her fit and energised.

TIP: Always have fun and keep on smiling.

Jeannie D

Top Billing and Afternoon Express presenter, Jeannie D told News24 Live that she stays in shape by working with renowned South African personal trainer, Johno Meintjes and partakes in the fitness program, Switch. Jeannie D does yoga, pilates and announced that she is going to hike around South Africa in order for her to stay in shape.

TIP: Getting into shape does not happen overnight, you need to eat healthy and train consistently.

Nandi Mngoma

Nandi Mngoma says that she is NOT a gym-bunny. The model stays in shape by dancing, which she absolutely loves. She continues to say that her motivation is her mom, who has a killer body at the age of 55.

TIP: Notice and embrace your weaknesses and failures.

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