Lil Cox and Doris Dobday have been rated UK’s longest living identical twins at 95 and they’re not showing any signs of letting age slow them down, Metro reported.

The duo, who’ve become an internet sensation following their recent interview on breakfast show This Morning, confessed that the secret to their longevity is no sex, servings of popular craft beer Guinness and raw sausage sandwiches, according to People.

“From raw sausage sandwiches to wearing drawers inside out, we learnt a lot from 95-year-old Lil and Doris today!” This Morning captioned a post of the twins shared onto their Instagram page.

During the interview Lil got quite candid about her obsession with Hollywood star Jason Statham.

“One night with him and I’d-” she said gleefully before getting cut off by the show hosts, Mirror reported.

“I think he’s fantastic. He’s a nice lad,” she added.

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