Every year, thousands of employees are absent from work owing to bad health. Research conducted in the US suggests that 15 million working days are lost to influenza each year. It should come as no surprise that the work environment is a hotbed for infections. According to experts, the average desk has 400 times more bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other germs than a toilet. Even scarier, is that toilets are cleaned regularly whilst desks receive a hasty wipe down that is pitiful given the amount of germs that lurk on them.  Truth be told, the spread of infectious diseases and germs in the office environment could be radically curtailed. This warning is courtesy of Tower, a South African based company that offers a complete range of top quality office equipment cleaners.

The Global Hygiene Council has identified disinfecting surfaces as one of the most crucial ways to combat the spread of infectious diseases. For shared workspaces, it is recommended to use disinfecting wipes as plain wipes or cloths will not kill germs that commonly cause colds, flu and illnesses that are more serious.

To put the gravity of this into perspective, your telephone alone contains about 25,127 germs per square inch making it the single most germ-ridden item on your desk. Tower’s range of office equipment cleaners, which includes a non-alcohol based Screen and Plastic cleaner pack complete with cloths is suitable for disinfecting not only your phone, but also cellphones, laptop screens and digital frames.

The average keyboard contains 511 microbes /cm² compared to the 8 microbes/cm² found on a toilet seat. This is a fact that people are impervious of as many eat at their desks whilst working away, increasing their chances of getting sick. Tower offers a keyboard cleaning kit that comprises of a sponge cleaning tool, a 14 ml bottle of keyboard cleaning fluid and a cloth that will not only sanitize your keyboard but will also clean the hard-to-reach germs lurking in crevices between the keys.

Another germ-infested culprit in the office is the computer mouse harbouring 260 microbes/cm², making it 32 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Tower’s plastic cleaning spray used in conjunction with the non-alcohol based screen cleaning tissues will sanitise your mouse whilst keeping germs at bay.

It is important to dispel the myth that the office space is one of the cleanest environments there is. The office is a breeding ground for infection and where you are likely to be in contact with germs spread through hand-to hand contact and touching shared equipment, such as printers. Whilst clean hands are  probably the most powerful tool against the spread of illnesses in a shared office space, the Tower Office Cleaning range provides employees with another fighting chance through its array of easy-to-use disinfecting products.

The range is safe to use on your office equipment including sensitive computer screens and is completely biodegradable.
Tower Office Cleaning products are available at leading stationery retailers.

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