So I’m back after a blissful seaside holiday, in which I napped every day, and drank at least my own bodyweight in wine/whisky/tequila. 

So nice of snore city to welcome me back with the mother of all heatwaves, like I wasn’t already yelling "FIRE ON!" every few minutes (hot flashes are fun).

I must mention that I am not a fan of summer. I’m very pale and a bit round, which means I am more suited to the arctic circle. 

I melt into a puddle in summer, and it’s usually accompanied by lots and lots and lots of bitter complaining, rapid fanning with anything that can be turned into a fan, and hiding my tears behind sunglasses. In short, I don’t do so well.

My survival plan for the sweltering heat was literally cold booze and napping under a fan. That’s it. I figure the barren also deserve their fun! So that’s what I did, a lot.

Despite the heat, this holiday was slightly different from others I’ve taken. Scrap that.

This holiday was MILES away from others I’ve taken, in that I had wonderful company. 

There is something to be said for a man who will sing you the theme song of 'Nuzzle & Scratch' for educational purposes. 

I’ve also learnt that "knee deep" means something very different for a person who is 1.97m tall (him), as opposed to someone who is 1.67m tall (me). Not generally an issue unless referring to seawater.

We survived the trip (two days), camping in the Knysna forest (I still don’t know whether to recommend it or not. I think it’s one of those things you will either love or hate. 

I oscillated between hysterical and happy, depending on where the spiders found themselves), friends (lovely), family (even lovelier), hot flashes and some emotional moments, and I think we have some pretty good stories to tell. 

The not-so-easy part is getting into routine again, finding balance, and also getting rid of all extra weight in preparation for possible surgery this year. 

I’m in limbo as far as that’s concerned, it’s really up to what my body decides to do.  We’ll probably have a clearer idea by April.

In the meantime, whenever all that becomes too much, I’m going back to daydreaming about my fun holiday.  Turns out that all this girl needed to make it through summer, was a (very) good man!

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