The ad, which is intended to for men, shows an array of women doing various tasks including exercising, breastfeeding and even having sex. But all we see are their breasts.

It ends with the tagline: “If we love them that much, we should take care of them. Make a woman get a breast exam.”

Does this ad really inspire men to urge their women to get their breasts checked? Or is it actually just soft porn?

I think that aiming the ad at men specifically, instead of just women, is brilliant. But it could have been done much differently, and with more taste.

After all, men can get breast cancer too. Perhaps they could’ve shown a couple doing a breast exam (even on each other) and then going for a mammogram together.

I know sex sells, but is this really the angle that should be used for something this sensitive and serious?

Watch the video below and tell us...

What do you think of this ad?