A Brazilian woman is accused of trying to kill her husband in the strangest of ways.

According to Salon, the woman put poison in her vagina and then asked her husband to have oral sex with her.

He complied, but noticed something was wrong when he smelled an unusual odour emanating from her nethers.

He rushed her to the hospital, thereby saving her life, because he realised the poison was affecting her. Because duh… vaginas are absorbent.

You wouldn't put poison in your mouth and then try to kill someone by kissing them, would you? WOULD YOU?

So... what do we take from this story?

·         Don’t kill people

·         Don’t hide poison in your body

·         Don’t use sexual acts for nefarious reasons

·         Don’t go down on your partner when they smell strange? 

Is this the oddest attempted murder you've ever heard of? 

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