Photos are one of Facebook’s most popular features that attract users. Now, Facebook is expanding its reach by using artificial intelligence (AI) to make it possible for people who are blind or visually impaired to enjoy photos.

It’s become almost unimaginable to use social media without viewing or sharing images, yet for millions of blind and visually impaired people, this has been an everyday reality.

But the newly added ‘automatic alternative text’ feature is now able to enhance the users’ experience with audio captioning that describes the content of photos.

Facebook’s accessibility team  also added the option to increase the default font size for iOS, which will soon be available for Android and Web.

How the new audio captioning feature works:

What’s wickedly interesting about AI is that it’s basically a form of machine learning. According to The Verge, if you show a piece of this kind of software enough images of, say, a dog, it will eventually begin to recognise a dog in a photograph.

Wow, how’s this for a bit of tech geek knowledge. The future is now, guys.

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