Or, what if you simply don’t want to choose that specific path to exercise nirvana? Luckily there are ways to be your own personal trainer, by motivating yourself to get out there and get fit. Here's what the team at Fedhealth shared with us:

Here are six tried and tested methods:

1. Pimp your outfit

We’re not talking about buying overpriced labels here. But do be comfortable. Do treat yourself if you achieve certain goals. You’ll be far more likely to get those trainers on and get to your workout if you feel comfortable and confident while doing it.

So invest in quality shoes, or a good sports bra that supports your body while exercising.

Buy a new workout top if you smash that time you’ve been aiming for. You invest in your working wardrobe, so you may as well invest in your workout wardrobe too.

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2. Get your tunes in order

The right music can be an incredible motivator to get you over that final hill, or through that last set of burpees. We’re all different though, so figure out what music gets you working harder.

Maybe it’s the latest catchy pop tune? Or house music from your favourite DJ? Download a playlist, or sign up for music subscriptions like Spotify, and ensure you’ve always got your earphones and a fully charged phone when you head to your workout.

3. Find a workout buddy

While some people prefer to exercise alone, they’re not in the majority. If you’re competitive by nature, exercising with others will compel you to run faster, push harder and achieve more than you would alone.

And even if you’re not competitive, having someone that you’re meeting to exercise with makes you accountable, and far less likely to not pitch up.

Going through tough conditions together is also more fun when there’s someone to speak about it with, whether it’s a large running group, or simply that one friend who’s also in the pool with you.

4. Set small, achievable goals

It’s all very well having an overarching plan to get fitter. But having more specific milestones is much easier for our brains to process.

So set your goals over the coming months and document them somewhere, whether it’s telling your workout buddy or writing about them on social media.

Sign up for a 10km race, or aim to improve your cycling time by a certain number of minutes by a particular date. Make your goal challenging but achievable – and once you’ve reached it, make the next one. 

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5. Find the thought leaders 

Whatever exercise you’re interested in, find those thought leaders or heroes you aspire to, and absorb their learnings and insights.

Perhaps it’s downloading a running legend’s podcast? Or following your favourite inspirational yoga influencer on Instagram?

You’ll get tips to try yourself, and you’ll also find extra motivation by thinking about exercise when you’re not just on the road or in the gym.

6. Track your successes

We often give ourselves too little credit. Every six weeks or so, look back at how far you’ve come in terms of the weight you’ve lost, or how many more push ups you can do now, and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come.

Focusing only on what we still haven’t achieved can quickly become demoralising, while acknowledging all the hard work we’ve already done is one of the best motivators there is.

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