Plus-size model Ashley Graham has long been an inspiration - and not just for women of a certain size.

Since the reveal of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, Ashley has become a prominent voice for body positivity.  

According to Huffington Post, instagrammers are applauding Ashley for posting a raw photo of herself riding a bike, wearing a mini dress and looking absolutely stunning.

Ashley flaunted her legs, captioning the post:

"A little cellulite never hurt nobody.. Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called 'ugly.'"

Plus-size models like Ashley are redefining what the fashion and beauty industry typically view as beautiful. They inspire women everywhere, and hope to reach those who shame themselves because they’ve been told that the bodies of the tall, thin women who typically walk down runways and the often digitally manipulated who appear on the on the covers of magazines, are the only acceptable body type.

The Huffington Post further reports that Ashley hopes her history-making Sports Illustrated cover will change the lives of many women.

“I am hopefully opening up doors that you will see women my size in,” she says in a video leading up to her hosting Miss USA.” She continues saying, “I am really excited for the day that nothing has to be about size anymore.”

And indeed, doors are opening for women of different body shapes. IMG Models Agency has also launched a plus-size male division and even celebrities such as Zendaya and Rumer Willis are not accepting it when industries dare to ‘retouch’ their appearances in magazines.  

Model Candice Huffine who is part of the Plus is Equal movement, said the models of the Lane Bryant campaign are proud, strong, fashion-forward, stylish -same as anyone else, but with extra curves.

And so they are.

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