A courageous teen who battled anorexia has beat the eating disorder – and is now a successful fitness instructor.

Vera Schulz (18) only weighed 33 kg while in the throes of the devastating eating disorder.

The teenager would faint on a regular basis and even struggled to keep up with her school work.  

"I was suffering from a lack of air, I was regularly fainting,” Vera told Mirror News. “Back in the day, I lived on the fifth floor, and I needed about an hour to get up there, as there was no lift."

The 18-year-old from Stavropol in Russia, says her family did not notice that she was severely underweight and allowed her to continue to starve herself. 

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In 2014, the girl reached her lowest weight of only 33 kg – but she has bravely beaten the odds and is now an accomplished personal trainer.

Vera discovered the fitness world and developed a love for exercise. The 18-year-old now documents her recovery and shares it on her Instagram account with her 23 000 followers.

The brunette now weighs an amazing 60 kg. She has slowly begun building muscle and has learned to accept and embrace her new lean body shape.

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Not only is Vera a fitness fanatic but she’s also made some changes to her diet – she now eats raw fruit, vegetables and has gradually started eating an array of different meals.

The teenager has developed some nutrition plans and believes she can support her clients psychologically – as she knows exactly what they are going through.

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