Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her gallivanting in skimpy bathing costumes, revealing outfits that show off her killer pins and virtually wrinkle-free selfies taken from the perfect angle.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the dark-haired stunner is somewhere between 20 and 25 and has yet to experience the unrelenting effects of age.

But this woman has probably lived through menopause – because the gorgeous lady you see in the saucy snaps is 58 years old!

Pamela Prati, an actress, model, TV presenter and singer from Italy, has earned a loyal following on Instagram, thanks to her unbelievable youthful appearance.

Her 127 000 followers are frequently left in awe, with one even commenting: “You are not real! You are like a dream!”

So what does the 58-year-old credit her seemingly ageless looks with? A healthy lifestyle that includes lots of exercise.

Pamela’s timeless appearance is another reason to love your body while you’re young – it’s sure to return the love when you’re older.

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