And now Christine Yahya has devoted her Instagram account to sharing illustrations she’s drawn, that show ladies of all shapes and sizes just how beautiful they are.

“It’s very important to me to draw as many women as possible,” Christine tells

“I truly feel representation is so important and empowering to the viewer. There’s so many incredible women out there that are not being represented in our everyday media – I want to diversify that.”

Christine’s work features everything from women with hair or stretch marks on their bodies to a breast cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy.

“I had a very unhealthy relationship with food,” Christine says of her battle during her younger days. “I did not have any self-love.”

She says it took her a long time to accept herself for who she is.

“Recovery took a long time and had many slips and falls in its pursuit.  It took a lot of conscious effort and realigning my view of food and health. It also took a lot of support from those around me, and also some professional help too.”

But eventually she conquered her internal battle with her ‘imperfect’ exterior and it was then that she decided to start drawing.

“When I first started drawing the ladies of Pink Bits, I wasn’t consciously drawing to start a page or with any plans in mind,” Christine explains.

“I was just drawing for leisure one night and was drawing from my own reference photos as I wanted to see my own shapes on paper.”

She shared her drawings online and it quickly resonated with women.

She started Pink Bits, the official website where her illustrations are shared and can be bought, and has been inspiring women through her artwork ever since.

“I try to take this approach to viewing my body – it is a vessel in which I live, it is something I must love and take care of, and it homes who I am.

“There is no need to shame it, starve it, or compare it to others.”