She gave her prom date the surprise of his life!

On Saturday 28 April Twitter user Morgan (@aeonianlife) shared a tear-jerking video of herself standing near her front door, anxiously waiting for her prom date, Tarik, to arrive.

“After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months I surprised my prom date with this,” she captioned the video.

Before Tarik could take steps towards her, the teenager gave him the shock of his life by slowly walking towards him instead. 

Her astonished date, gobsmacked by what he saw, ran over to give her a warm embrace.

“How did you do that?” he asked her.

According to Indy100, the teen has been in a wheelchair for the past 10 months because of complications she suffered during an operation.

As a result, she was left with conversion disorder ? a mental condition which causes a person to become blind, paralysed or display other nervous system (neurologic) symptoms that can’t be explained by medical evaluation, according to Medline Plus.

The clip has since gone viral and has received more than 1 million likes and 251 000 retweets.

“Ok, so I just balled all over this! His reaction is priceless, and you're gorgeous,” says one Twitter user.

“I love the way it took him like 10 seconds to properly comprehend what was going on,” says another.

On another video posted on social media, it was revealed Morgan was crowned prom queen later that evening.