Let’s be honest. Sports bras are a major grudge purchase. So little fabric. So much cash to fork out.

And unless you’re a body-confident woman who regularly rocks the crop (high-five if you are) no one even sees it.

But you need a good sports bra. Even if you have tiny boobs, wearing a bra that doesn’t give them enough support can lead to serious injury. So when Cotton On Body launched their first high impact sports bra, we couldn’t wait to give it a try. Here’s how it stacks up.

1/ It’s pretty

Even if you’re not working out topless, you want to look hot in your bedroom mirror.

And with all the cute cut-outs, mesh and wide arm-hole details going on with workout tops these days, when you flash a glimpse of crop, you don’t want to be flashing sensible but rather boring beige.

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This bra comes in a range of colours and prints with leggings and shorts to match.

Cotton On Body’s first high-impact sports bra comes in a range of colours and prints.

2/ It’s snug

A good sports bra needs to have a snug fit without digging into your skin. Even though I have smaller breasts, this bra kept them in place with no jiggle room, but they also didn’t feel uncomfortably squashed.

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Adjustable cross straps help you customise the fit. The clasp eliminates the need for heavily elasticated fabric.

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The Verdict

I tested the bra in few callisthenics workouts and it survived going upside down.

Encouraged, I decided to take it for a run. I’m no endurance athlete, but I took it on a quick five-kay and it was wonderfully comfy.

The fabric felt soft against my skin and the broad, padded straps prevented any digging in. My breasts felt supported in the best way – I wasn’t aware of them as I ran. So I went big and wore it in a 10km race. Still totally comfy.

I wasn’t aware of the bra at all. The fabric isn’t as breathable as some of my other (more expensive) sports bras and with the moulded, padded cups, I imagine it would get quite sweaty on a long run.

I had to peel it off after my race. But for five or 10kms, you’re not wearing it long enough for that to become a problem. There’s also the question of how long it will last – I’ve had mine for a couple months now, but I rotate it. For the price though, it’s a suprisingly good bra for a bargain.

The bra retails for R250 in sizes XS to XL.

This article originally appeared on Women's Health South Africa.