The unnamed 44-year-old woman, suffered a brain bleed just when she was about to have an orgasm according to doctors.

According to Mirror she passed out after the attack and regained her consciousness after three minutes, her partner told the medics.  .

She was then rushed to hospital to get checked up, on their arrival at the hospital her partner told the doctors that her body went stiff when she passed out during oral sex.

Scans later showed that she had burst a blood vessel, but she had made a full recovery, as per reports by Dailymail.

The scan report found that the woman had suffered a “Subarachnoid haemorrhage”, a type of stroke, that causes bleeding around the brain.

While doctors could not directly blame the orgasm for the stroke, experts believe that changes in blood pressure during sex are ‘well described’ as a cause of bursting blood vessels.

When then woman arrived at the hospital, the medics reported that she was absolutely fine but just had a mild migraine. She was then admitted in hospital for two weeks and later discharged with no permanent problems.