For many women, talking about female hygiene is a sensitive subject. I mean, some of us can’t even say the word ‘vagina’ without blushing, rather resorting to terms such as “vjayjay” or “fanny”.

Feminine hygiene product manufacturer GynaGuard is hoping to free up the conversation with their pop-up shops, which have been springing up around Gauteng.

The Vagina Shop is a friendly space for women to learn about vaginal health, including how everything from your diet and the kind of underwear you wear to the type of soap you use can affect your wellbeing.

Mamabua Molepo, brand manager at Adcock Ingram, said: “The Vagina Shop offers a complete experience where women can go and see all these elements and how they should form part of an overall approach to their daily routine.”

Although GynaGuard is a gentle soap that can be used to clean the outside of your vagina, one should not douche or use harsh soaps inside your vagina.

Dr Tebatso Tebeila from Adcock Ingram said: “Due to the lack of information, many young women do not understand that the vagina has to remain at a certain pH level and, by using inappropriate products, the pH can be altered, which then poses a risk of possible infection.”

Be friendly to your vagina and it will be friendly to you.

  • The next pop-up shop will be at the Soweto Campus of UJ from October 11 to 13