In her weekly newsletter, Women24 editor Lili Radloff shared with us some of her Pet hates and small pleasures. We asked our readers to share some of their likes and dislikes, this is what some of our readers had to say. 

Anthea Booysen

Hi Lili,

I’ll start with the pet peeves:

-    Shoppers that stop their trolley next to someone they haven’t seen in 40 years and block the entire aisle while they catch up on the last 4 decades.

-    People that make scenes in restaurants and then moan you never want to meet them for dinner.

-    Hairdressers that try to sell you every product in the range they stock.  Then loudly tell you how BAD the products you are currently using is for your hair.  This is said loud enough for everyone in the entire salon to now know you have a dry scalp and use cheap shampoo.

-    When you post something random on Twitter or FB and someone takes it and makes the whole situation ALL about them.

-    People that don’t refill the kettle after they have used the last bit of water.

Before I get all irritated, let me move onto the small pleasures in life:

-    When a recipe you haven’t followed too closely turns out to be a success and people ask you to make it more often.

-    Spotting someone you aren’t fond of at a supermarket and managing to make a duck down the nearest aisle before they see you.  Let us be honest, some of the best cardio takes place doing this.

-    That blissful weekend feeling you get when you climb into bed on a Friday night (or Saturday morning) and know you can sleep late the next day.

-    When you push yourself running at gym and manage to not fly off the treadmill .

-    Ticking off things on a to-do list.  Sometimes I write down things I’ve already completed just to give the list momentum.
-    When a friend understands your love for stationery shops and your obsession with highlighters.

-    That first cup of tea (or coffee) for the day.

-    When someone cancels plans you weren’t keen on in the first place but which you felt too bad to say no to.

-    A genuine compliment that you get unexpectedly.

-    The times a photo comes out perfectly without you blinking, pulling a weird face and looking like you’ve had too much to drink.

-    You mention a song you love and a friend tells you she has just bought the CD and offers to lend it to you.

Let us all celebrate the simple pleasures in life.  They are everywhere if we just take the time to look for them.

Karen Worth

Hi there
Here are my five peeves and pleasures (I can relate to all of yours by the way):
Pet Peeves:
- Walking barefoot on a “gritty” tiled floor.

- The person in the queue behind me at Woollies breathing on my neck.

- People being nasty / complaining to a waiter to impress their guests.

- People who close lift doors when they can see you approaching the lift (often in a hurry).

- Commentary and/or chatter and crumpling of papers by others in a movie house.
Small Pleasures:
- Taking my bra off when I get home form the office.

- The first sip of a chilled crisp Savvy Blanc.

- How my Pekingese follows me everywhere and (seemingly) thinks I am the best thing since marrow bones!

- The smell of a new book.

Waking early on a Sunday, knowing you can sleep for another hour.

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