Lockdown has meant irregular schedules, extra snacking opportunities and changes to working routines. So, as restrictions slowly begin slowly easing, it's important to consider exactly how we can restore rhythm and regularity into our lives and particularly our diets in the coming weeks and months.

These are the top four tips to get you started:

Adopt simplicity

Not every meal has to be an event but can be simple - that will save time on preparation.

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Switch your meals around

For some of us, it can be a good idea to practice intermittent fasting by skipping your first or last meal of the day.

Berries, eggs, fat burning

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Get creative with leftovers

It's necessary to cook every meal from scratch, make a bit extra and you save time and effort on the next one.

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Be daring

There's no time like the present to try out some new recipes. It is often the way the food is cooked that makes a difference to our preference for it, and with vegetables being the food group that offers the widest range of nutrients, it is one group you want to increase intake of at every opportunity.

Diet for fitness

How has you diet changed since lockdown started? Let us know here.

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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