I hate those modern life moments when you suddenly feel as if you’re in a dystopian fiction novel. 

When I came across this story on The Gloss  I thought I was in an Atwood novel.

Yes folks, according to The Gloss, an Australian girl who was part of a South Korean reality show called K-Pop Star Hunt was told by a surgeon that she needs plastic surgery.

Apparently the crazy doctor told her she looked 30 instead of 14 and that there were issues with her brow, nose and chin.

This all as part of a fun “surprise” organised by the reality show!

Can you do anything worse to a 14 year-old?

I don’t know how these surgeons keep their licenses. A teenager is not yet fully formed at that age – and neither is her brain, so I can’t help thinking how many kids actually undergo surgeries like this.

Stories like these convince me that we really are ruining ourselves – along with our habitat.

What do you think?