At the start of the year, you resolved to make a few changes to your lifestyle. “Nothing drastic”, you told your friends and family, “just a tweak, here and there.”

Better health, more vitality, and an abundance of energy - this was your mantra… until, of course, the holidays ended and the reality of work and other responsibilities promptly kicked in.

Get up…
So, you’ve fallen off the wagon. We understand. Juggling a demanding to-do list with little time on the side makes the idea of pursuing self-enrichment hard, if not impossible.

But taking your wellbeing seriously is not as complex as you imagined.  And because balance is what your body truly desires, getting into the habit of practicing good health is sure to have a positive effect on your mind – like how you tackle everyday challenges – too.

Get ahead…
Before you let life get the better of your health, start our simple 2-day challenge to help get you on your way to achieving mind, body and soul equilibrium.

Get ready!
Switch off your cellphone and clear your weekend calendar – the only person you’re committing to for the next two days is yourself. 

Found a babysitter? Good for you! Now, forget about everything and everyone else and concentrate on accomplishing the 7 steps below.

Step 1 – Replenish your energy
Tired and worn-out? Recharge your batteries by ensuring that you get a proper night’s rest. To learn more about the benefits of sleep, read this. Suffer with insomnia? Then you may find this bit of info somewhat fascinating.

Step 2 – Restore your balance
Because we understand that your grueling schedule leaves little time to focus on yourself, we’ve made unearthing your spirit easy. Follow these 8 tips and rediscover the things that make you happy. Learn about power of daily affirmations and how taking up a hobby, such as craft, can provide all kinds of spin-offs for your health.

Step 3 – Fix your plate
A lot can be said about the benefits of eating healthy, well-balanced meals, but we won't bore you by going into too much detail. Instead, we want you to kickstart your diet with this 1-day detox plan and browse through the abundance of delicious food choices in Food24’s recipes and menus section.

Step 4 – Pamper your soul
This is YOUR weekend, so enjoy a little luxury. Why not try a healing herbal bath? Or simply enjoy the pleasures of soaking in the tub. Go on, you deserve it.

Step 5 – Get a move on
Better health doesn’t require long hours, panting in a gym. See what activity gets your pulse racing in our fun-fuelled exercise guide.

Step 6 – Meditate
Don’t know much about yoga? Try it, or make a point of learning more about it. Not only will you feel calmer after a session, but over time your body will become more flexible too.

Step 7 – Renew your skin
Lost that youthful glow? Remember that whatever your body is going through on the inside reflects almost immediately on the outside. Read this article where you will learn about detoxing and how your skin can benefit from eliminating all the toxins.  Stressed skin? Soothe it with these useful tips.

Do you reward yourself with any 'me-time'? Share your thoughts, tips and suggestions in the box below.