As we near the middle of February, heart-holding teddy bears and chocolate boxes stacked to the ceiling fill the shopping mall aisles.

But while Valentine's Day is fast approaching, there’s another special date that single women are totally excited to celebrate.

The 13th of February is unofficially known as ‘Galentines Day’, a glorious day where women celebrate their closest female friends, tell them why they love them and maybe treat them to a dinner.

According to Metro News, the fun concept originated from the incredible Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) from the television show Parks and Recreation. 

Here’s why it’s way cooler than Valentine’s Day:

1. Bonding time

It’s the perfect opportunity to gather your closest gal pals for a catch-up session while celebrating each other!

2. Reminisce about the good old days

As BuzzFeed points out, you could use Galentine’s Day to cherish your fond memories with your girls – and how you can go about making some new ones.

3. It’s a judgment-free day

It’s a day where you and your fellow singletons can get teary-eyed about not having Valentine, free of judgement. But honestly, who needs one, anyway?

4. Dance the night away

As if you needed an excuse to paint the town red and bust a few moves with your closest mates… But, as Odyssey suggests, Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.  

5. It’s empowering

It’s the perfect day to play powerful female anthems and just embrace the fact that you and your pals are strong, successful women – single ladies, put your hands up!