For decades, thanks to clever marketing schemes and hopeful romantics, Valentine's Day has been the bane of a single person's existence, because well, the thought of spending the "day of love" alone was more painful than a bite from a vicious dog.

Those days have thankfully come to an end with a delightful halt now that everyone has come to the realisation that self-love is just as (if not more) important than being shown love with flowers and a box of chocolates from a valentine (although that's kinda nice too.)

And also that V Day is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year. Cue happy restaurants with full bookings, sold out cards, balloons and red roses and an over run of anything to do with chocolate, perfumes and jewellery.

It's a little tough not to be cynical.

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However, since not all of us have valentines who're planning to go all out with romantic goodies, we've decided to get a sneak peak into what five single and happy women will be doing to show themselves love this Valentine's Day.

"I might treat myself to a glass of wine and a solo dinner"

To be honest Valentine's Day for me is a day like any other. I'm going to catch up on some work, hit the gym and maybe treat myself to a glass of wine over a solo dinner.
Lee, 23

"I always get myself little gifts on Valentine's Day"

I've been single for such a long time now that it's become a thing to get my self gifts. I've had my eyes on a cute pair of LV heels and I think this Valentines Day I'm going to make them mine. A gift from me to me.
Linda, 28

"Face masks, chamomile tea and the scariest horror film are the order of the day for me"

Because it is the day of love I'm going to love my skin with a lovely hydrating face mask, drink my favourite cup of tea and prop myself in front of the TV for a heart-wrenchingly scary horror because they are my absolute fave
Carla, 27

"Me and all my single girlfriends are headed out for a night of fun"

Because there are actually a few of us singletons in my circle, we all decided to be each others valentines. We're getting each other gifts and then painting the town red. All in the name of love!
Tischa, 25

"Bubble bath and some bubbles, surrounded by a million candles for ambiance, yes please!"

Valentine's night will see me relaxing in a bubble bath with a chilled glass of champers and a million candles to create the perfect ambiance. Self love is my theme for the day.
Thuli, 23

Well these ladies just proved that there are certainly so many ways to feel loved on Valentines Day, valentine or not. How will you be spending your Valentines Day? Share your plans with us here.

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