At 56 and 1.6 meters tall, Sports Illustrated model Kathy Jacobs wants to "raise awareness" about definitions of beauty.

She says, "The great thing about Sports Illustrated is they just keep reinventing themselves and they keep reinventing what is your view of beauty, what is my view of beauty, what's the world view of beauty. And they keep showing people that there's more than one kind of beauty out there. There's so many kinds of beauty. So many. And it's just like there really – they were really at the forefront of that before it was even a thing."

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"Well, it means a lot to me to pose for Sports Illustrated, because I really want to show the world like what ladies 50, and in my case 55 and over, what we're capable, of what we can do. And it just – it's unbelievable that I made it that far, to me. I still don't believe it. Because I'm 56 and I'm 5' 3, so I have like two strikes against me. So I'm just like so grateful that they took like a chance on me and let me do it [sic]."

"So I just want to raise awareness, you know, to say, hey, you know, you can't discount people because they've got a certain digit attached to them or certain height attached to them. Two things you can't change about yourself are how old you are and how tall you are. You can't change that."

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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