I can’t remember the last time a news story made me this angry. Convicted child rapist Lucky Vusimuzi Khumalo has said that he does not deserve to go to jail for the rest of his life because the two little girls he raped in 2007 have not lost the ability to bear children.

His defence lawyer said: "We understand that the children were injured and the emotional scars may live forever, but the fortunate part is that the girls survived and their injuries are not that bad."

You can’t judge a society by its criminals, but I can’t help feeling there must be something seriously wrong with us if a criminal and his lawyer can come forth with such a defense.

These two girls were raped at the ages of 3 and 4 by an HIV positive man in his 30s. Excuse me Mr Defence Lawyer?

Just how bad do the injuries HAVE to be before a child rapist gets his ass thrown in jail for life?

It’s like saying “It’s okay that two toddlers were violently penetrated, hurt, torn, bruised and traumatised because they can still fulfill their function as women: to bear children.”

Just the fact that this sick fuck actually understood that he could’ve caused permanent damage to the small, undeveloped reproductive organs of these two baby girls and still went ahead with something so brutal, is enough to make me want to throw away the key to that jail cell.  

State prosecutor Advocate Nthabiseng Riba said had she known Khumalo’s HIV status during the trial she would have added more charges.

We are still waiting for the sentence. I don’t know about you, but I will be horrified if this man doesn’t get life.

Should we sympathise with child rapists? Share your thoughts...

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