In response to Laura Shortridge's article about fat shaming and the fact that it is unhelpful, even harmful, here's what Cindy had to say:

I agree with this article wholeheartedly. 

In high school I weighed between 55 and 60kgs and I am 1.68m high. I used to jog, work out religiously and there was nothing wrong with my body. Yet because I was not stick thin like some of the girls in school I was the recipient of many ugly comments. 

I used to believe I was fat and I still carry some of those emotional scars with me today. It resulted in a very unhappy teenage experience for me when I was supposed to be enjoying life to the fullest.

I am now 35 and married with three children. I weigh about 90kgs, the result of not exercising every day anymore, three children and I suppose a lifestyle that is not that healthy. 

Thing is, I’m more comfortable with myself now than I’ve ever been.

I’m 100% Sagittarius by nature so I’ve pushed those hateful comments to the back corners of my mind and now I’m really enjoying life. I have a wonderful family, amazing friends from all walks of life and they all accept me for who I am.

I guess a person has to come to a point in life where you brush off hateful comments.  The key is to remember that no one can make you feel bad, only you can allow them to do that.

Thanks for a great article.

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