According to For Harriet, a documentary has been released concerning the representation of African American women in hip hop or R’n’B music videos.

This documentary was made possible by a group of young women, with aid from Georgia State University, in America.

For decades, many women have cooperated in an industry that seems to regard them merely as marketing tools for the advancement of "bling-bling" hip hop.

To put it in layman's terms: the most popular hip hop is being built on the black woman's ass.

In the same light, but outside the music video world, these women are referred to as T.H.O.T (Those hoes over there). Yet, the same interpellation turns into praise when convenient. The double standard is incredible.

This is one of the many things that this documentary confronts.

Lastly, in educating us, the documentary gets views from different ordinary women urging for a better portrayal of women in general.

This would include more empowering roles which recognise women for more than their body parts: Their intellects, talent and positive contribution to society. Enjoy the watch.

Source: For Harriet via Youtube

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