My daddy has been more than I ever could ask for.

Growing up, I thought he was strict, but I always respected his knowledge of God's word. 

I think that even though I made mistakes, I could have done so much worse, if it hadn't been for the fear of the Lord that my daddy instilled into my brothers, sisters and myself.

There were times when we were down to one working vehicle, that being a single cab pickup truck and my parents piled five to six of us into that truck to drive the 30 plus kilometres to our church.  

We rarely missed a service, no matter the morning sibling fights, rain showers, or anything else that came our way!  I remember thinking, “I wish they would just let us stay home for once!"  But they were always faithful to exposing us to the potential movement of the Holy Spirit.  

They put a deep-rooted faith into us.  There were times when most people would have given up, five children, very limited funds, and even church-people laughing as we filed out of the back of that car.  

But because of my daddy's determination to raise his children for God, constantly, we have grown up with a love for the Lord, and a secure spot in Heaven. For all he did and gave, I love daddy most for that.

He always makes me smile, especially when I’m cranky.
He sends adorable text messages right when you need them.
He teaches you how to change a tyre and change the oil in your car but will gladly do both of those things for you, if you ask.
He reminds you that he’ll know when it’s the right guy probably before you do.
He says yes … especially when mom doesn’t.
He encourages you to be independent because he knows you've got this.
He’s the most badass man you’ve ever looked up to, but he’ll still let you paint his fingernails when you’re 8.
He’s the first guy you ever dance with...
His piggyback rides never end; they just change.
He’ll never let you forget how loved you are.

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