According to the Daily Mail, two white parents from Ohio are suing Midwest Sperm Bank for giving them a black sperm donor, which resulted in their mixed child, Payton, aged 2.

Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon stated that they specifically chose a white donor because a black child might not be accepted in their community or their families.

Another white couple, the Rogers, faced judgement for adopting African American children. Read their story here. This proves that Cramblett and Zinkon's fears are not unfounded.

One would think that the growth of racially diverse families is met with widespread acceptance - even celebs like the Jolie-Pitts, Steven Spielberg and Madonna are doing it.

Now, before you accuse me of having Juju tendencies, let me explain.

Their fear for the future of their child shows that they are aware of hostility in their environment. But, shouldn't the environment change then?

Discrimination against LGBQT people is a massive problem. This begs the question: do LGBQT people perhaps fear the double-implications of being gay and having a black baby in their community, or are they inherently racist? Perhaps their anxiety also stems from their love for Payton.

As a result of the "disservice", the couple stated that they may have to move to a more diverse area. For the protection of their child and the immediate family as a whole, I think that is a good decision, but is the lawsuit necessary?

Would you adopt a child of a different race to your own, whether by sperm bank or adoption agency?

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