For illiterate adults living in disadvantaged communities, an independent future seems like an unattainable dream.

Mustadafin Foundation is actively involved in destitute communities in the Western Cape and provides adults with the skills to help instil confidence in everyday living. They do this through a highly successful, six month literacy programme in Montrose Park.

This adult literacy programme teaches community members aged from 17 to 60 years reading and writing skills, giving them the opportunity to reach their personal and professional goals.

The adult literacy programme started in 2004 and is run by Jasmina Salie, Literacy Coordinator at Mustadafin Foundation.

This programme encourages students to learn at their own pace and entails reading and writing classes held twice a week for three hours per session, with the option to come in every day.

Mustadafin Foundation also hosts other programmes to help people with their self-esteem. After students complete one of these programmes, the Foundation supports them by assisting with finding job opportunities.

“The literacy programme has made a wonderful impact on the lives of the students. After they complete the programme, they are able to fill in their own documents, read for themselves and do their own shopping lists. Another remarkable development is that they can help their children with schoolwork, something they were not able to do in the past,” says Ghairunisa Johnstone, Director at Mustadafin Foundation.

An inspiring story is that of Candice Solomons.

As a young child, Solomons was infected with meningitis, which impacted her studies, especially her reading and writing abilities. Solomons was determined to become literate and enrolled in the programme at age 13. Through Mustadafin Foundation, she is now a qualified home-based carer in Tafelsig.

“The programme meant a lot to me. It’s something I did for myself and today I can achieve my goals and be an example to others. I can now teach other people what I know. Mustadafin Foundation has given me so much joy through this programme. Where I once was in the water, I am now on the dry bank giving light to others,” says Solomons. 

Ghairunisa Johnstone has put out an appeal to Cape Town for assistance,

“There is a very high demand for this programme and we are planning to expand it to other areas in the Cape Flats. To provide this service to other communities, we are in need of good books, pencils, pens and other stationery. If you are able to help, please make contact with us.”

If you are able to help out with book and stationery donations or if you would like to find out more information, like Mustadafin Foundation on Facebookor visit their website.

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