We have been having issues since my son was born 13 yrs ago, when he got upset with me he would not give me money in October 2012.

When I was retrenched I asked him to assist with transport and school fees. He could only assist with R600 so with that I paid transport and now sitting with lawyers bills for outstanding school fees.

Nevertheless I opened a maintenance case last year only because I want the court to decide on an amount and it to be made a court order but they could never reach him.

So I had to hold the case because I started a temp job. He is only paying school fees of R1000 yet my son is asthmatic and is on my husbands medical aid. We see to clothing and daily necessities he even said  his paying school fees with that amount its all he can afford but our expenses, with my son, comes out to twice that amount.  

I actually got to point where I have decided that I don't want anything from him, he has even pushed my son into a space where he wants nothing to do with his dad. Please advise on the best way forward.

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