In the past and present, popular culture has shown a single view of beauty. This has been done through magazines, fashion, music videos and the big screen.

As a result ‘ordinary’ women began comparing themselves to such women and believing that since they don’t look like the girl on the magazine cover  they aren't beautiful.

We aren’t saying that those magazine and video girls’ aren't beautiful just that the scope for beauty is much wider than that and society should offer a more realistic and comprehensive representation of beauty. 

Thanks to Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, women can start viewing their bodies in a different way and stop being so hard on themselves. The point that Dove is trying to make is that you should be the best person you can be and stop comparing yourself to others.

When you stop criticizing  yourself and learn to be confident and happy with your unique body, that’s when you will become a beautiful woman.  

The real beauty debate has been a hit on social media. #RealBeauty, on twitter,  takes the conversation to the people and allows women from different backgrounds to communicate in a way that hasn’t been done before.  

Here are some of the messages of inspiration women are sending to each other:

This is what some of our readers had to say when Dove asked them which part of their body they like the most:

Anisha: My soft and fleshy tummy! I have made peace that I wasn't born to have a six pack. What I do know is that I have given birth to 2 beautiful children & my man loves to caress my tummy! Besides, you need a "real" tummy like mine to do belly dancing!

Famida: My legs and my breasts.

Alzena: Looks-wise not that much, but having gone through 2 healthy pregnancies and a recent pubic biopsy, I like that my body has not failed me. Even with the not-so perfect size and cellulite, it is healthy, able and willing. It is my mind that needs a pep-talk.

Setshego: The smoothness and less oily skin of my body.

Linda: I am weighing more than a few years ago because I quit smoking and picked up some weight. I love the fuller me, my butt and my hips. I look very healthy than before.

Faziel: My long, glossy, black hair and infectious smile. As long as I have them, I can take on the world!

Laurinda: I love my flat tummy but the best part of my body is my round chunky bum! Much loved by my husband and my girlfriends are all super jealous. Very proud to say that its the best part of my body.

Shireen: My blemish free face and skin.

Nasika: I love my muffin top because it reminds me that I love to eat food made by my husband. I love my stretch marks as I'm reminded about my daughter. I love my laughter lines as I see how many happy times I have had. I love my skin as it reminds me of dove.

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