I wish that women’s options when standing on a scale were indifference, ambivalence and disinterest, not success or failure.

I wish that good men were celebrated more.

I wish that the world would understand that feminism is not about giving women power over men, but power to change their world, and power over themselves.

I wish that sexual violence wasn’t so prevalent that it takes case like Anene and Reeva to make us sit up and pay attention.

I wish that it was the bold, brave, fearless women working in NGOs and community organisations that made the world’s ‘top 100 women’ lists, not just rich women, models, and famous men’s wives.

I wish that girls at schools were safe from sexual abuse and bullying, and that schools supported them in accessing contraception, sex education, abortion, or in the case that they get pregnant and want to keep the child.

I wish that lesbian women’s sexual orientation was respected in communities, and not seen as a choice or something to be ‘cured’.

I wish that toys in shops weren’t colour coded by gender, and those high heels for little girls were banned.

I wish that women weren’t afraid to go outside without wearing makeup.

I wish that politicians around the world would stop making rules about what women can do with their vaginas.

I wish that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter took seriously the threats of violence, the hatred, the trolling, and the abuse of women online.

I wish that women could go for a run in a forest without wondering who will blame them if they were attacked.

I wish that politics didn’t block women’s rights, silence women, or make them afraid.

I wish that every political party had an active women’s league.

I wish that women at the top mentored women at the bottom more.

I wish that we had equal paternity and maternity leave benefits in law that allowed for active fathers who supported women, and did not value the work of men over the work of women.

I wish that sex education was taught in a way that discussed masturbation, women’s pleasure, and mutual fulfilment.

I wish that porn was better, more real, and less waxed and shiny.

I wish that we listened to and learned from the stories of older women more.

I wish that there were more roles for older women in movies, for women past the age of 25, for women without plastic surgery or bleached straightened hair.

I wish that magazines featured a more diverse selection of women of all races, abilities, sexual orientations, and sizes.

I wish that every woman who reads this realises that she is powerful, brave, and inspiring just for surviving and living each day in this crazy world.

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