*This article has been amended to include the author's connections to the campaign. 

April is designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the facts about this crime in South Africa are startling.

In 2013, in answer to the ever growing violence against women and children in South Africa, Blow the Whistle, a registered non-profit organisation,  was founded together by SA Celeb Sureshnie Rider and Mike Rowley of Legacy Lifestyle.

New statistics now show that 1 in 3 women in South Africa will be raped.

"The statistics are not just chilling, they're a desperate cry for definitive action." says Legacy Lifestyle Marketing Director, Mike Rowley.

"We can't just sit back and place the entire responsibility on the government's shoulders. As businesses - and as individuals - we have a responsibility to add our own strengths to the fight against violent crime and especially the epidemic of rape and abuse against women in our country."

It was the brutal gang-rape, mutilation, and murder of 17-year-old Anene Booysen two years ago that incited both Sureshnie and Legacy Lifestyle into action.

Reports indicate Anene was still alive when she was found by a security guard, but died in hospital later that day.

'Anene's story shook our nation and left us reeling. In a sense, she gave us a voice, to speak up 'not on our watch'! We can and simply must do something to stem the tide of violence against Women and Children. Sureshnie Rider heeded that call.

An integral part of the Blow the Whistle campaign is the production and sale of whistles. The whistles are available for purchase at Legacy Hotels and Cross Trainer Stores across the country.

Corporates who get involved are also invited to procure whistles for their staff and customers. The aim is to encourage all South Africans to wear these whistles - women and children in particular.

When the wearer feels threatened, the whistle functions as a tool to alert others and call for help. The proceeds from the sale of the whistles will be donated to the DNA Project with a specific focus on the Rape Crisis.

The campaign not only strives to give all South Africans a voice on this issue, but also encourages people to stand together, and aims to equip women and children through the use of modern technology with additional safety measures when they're at their most vulnerable.

Blow The Whistle has also introduced an innovative mobi app. The mobi app, available for free download on the blow the whistle website can be used on iOS, Android initially and Blackberry phones.

The app, which is equipped with a panic button, enables the user to nominate four trusted guardians to watch over them when they're alone.

The App is also equipped with a Journey dashboard when making a trip that allows the user to select their destination and estimate their time of arrival.

This information is then sent to the appointed guardians. If the allocated time runs out, the app prompts the user to enter a security code to stop or to extend the trip.

When the code is not entered, or if it's entered incorrectly three times, a notification is sent to the guardians along with the user's coordinates.

To help drive this campaign forward, Blow the Whistle has reached out to some of South Africa's most prominent celebrities to take on brand ambassador roles.

The star-studded list of ambassadors include co-founder Sureshnie Rider as well as Joanne Strauss, Leanne Dlamini, Gareth Cliff, Catherine Grenfell, James Small, Catriona Andrews, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, DJ Milkshake, Boity Thulo, Keegan Daniel, Liezel Van Der Westhuizen , Zuraida Jardine, Mac Masina, Gary Player, Kriya Gangiah, Tanya Van Graan, Zakeeya Patel, Ryk Neethling, Bailey Schneider, Kurt Darren, Vanessa Haywood, Siv Ngesi and Stefan Terblanche.

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