Sam, a 21-year-old second year UJ human resources student is pregnant and no one but her boyfriend knows.

Not even her friends or sisters are in on her secret. Sam comes from a pretty conservative home and is terrified of dropping this bomb on her parents, particularly her strict dad.

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Sam also comes from a disadvantaged background and feels too ashamed to disappoint her family who were all proud of her for making it to university. Now it's Christmas time and Sam is expected to leave her res room and bring what was once in the dark, out into the light.

Here is her story.

"I've always been somewhat of a goodie two shoes. I never set even a toe out of line, so when I passed at the top of my class it was no surprise that I would want to go to university - a first for anyone of my siblings or even cousins.

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Most of them opted for call centre and jobs in debt collection. My mom and dad were over the moon when I got accepted at UJ and even though the financial cost would be crippling, they celebrated with a whole party and most of my family members were there to see me off into my bright future.

My first day in uni came and went and everything was great. Well, exams and stuff were not so great, but I was keeping up.

And then I met Kyle. It was love at first sight.

Needless to say, things soon became serious and then I got pregnant. At first I was in denial but as my belly grew and the kilos started piling on, I had to come to terms with it. I told Kyle and he was both shocked and nervous about the whole thing.

A whole lot of help he was at helping me calm down.

Once we both got over the shock, worry and fear around having a baby, it dawned on me that the two of us were not the only ones who'd be affected by this pregnancy. What about my parents? I mean here I am, too embarrassed to tell my friends, how would they feel?

I'm already five months along and my chubby body type has helped me conceal this pregnancy perfectly so far. Now that it's festive season I just don't know how to deliver this heartbreaking news to my strict, conservative parents who I have been planning to go and visit over the December holiday.

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A very scared part of me is seriously contemplating skipping the visit, while a more sensible part of me knows the truth must come out eventually."

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