Over the past few months alone, we've seen more and more people speaking up about their mental health issues. In light of it being World Mental Health Day, we've rounded up some of the articles that remind us that the struggle around your mental health is one that we can fight together. 

1. How to spot the signs and help a friend who's battling with mental health issues

Isolation and silence are the two things that worsen mental health issues, and so it helps to know what signs to look out for when a friend or loved one is suffering in silence. There is strength in unity. 

2. "I was the weird person on the Gautrain bus, eyes closed with my hands on my lap, meditating" 

Thanks to innovative technology, there are apps on your phone that can help you tackle mental health issues. Remember though that using an app is not the same as going to see a professional. 

3. “I ran 18 races in just 6 months to beat depression”

Depression and anxiety aren't always permanent conditions - they can sometimes be treated with professional help and self-care.

4. Strategies of highly self-loving people - plus do our quiz to see if you give yourself enough self-love 

Remember that you are a breathing, living human being who needs love and care to survive. Don't be hard on yourself but learn to love the parts of you that need it the most. 

5. Willow Smith bravely revealed a painful secret that affects too many SA teens and young adults 

Speaking up about mental health issues - whether or not you are directly affected by them - is so, so important. Not only does it help you cope, but it encourages others to open up and seek help where they need it. We can never talk about it enough. 

Here is a list of organisations to contact for free counselling when you need it: 

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