Warning: video contains strong language 

Two guests at a party have become chommies after chatting in the bathroom where one of them revealed she was on a horrible date.

Screenwriter Tiffani Hall, 23, filmed the moment LaConya Hamilton, 27, went on a rant about her terrible luck with men, Mirror UK reports.

Tiffani met her new friend while they stood at the bathroom mirror in a club in Philadelphia in the U.S.

In the video LaConya refers to ladies’ toilets as “sanctuaries for drunken women”. Tiffani can be seen nodding in agreement.

LaConya, wearing a blue dress, then complains about being expected to chase around men when she’d told them how she felt, The World News reports.

The footage went viral on social media with four million views, including 286 000 likes and retweets on Twitter.

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“We struck up quite a great friendship,” Tiffani said. “It’s something most girls can relate to.

“I heard LaConya around the club talking to people about her date, then in the bathroom she carried on. We were in there about 20 minutes.”

It wasn’t the first time this had happened to her in a club bathroom, she added. She just happened to record her chat with LoConya.

The next day Tiffani posted the video on Twitter and asked her followers to help her find her new friend. LaConya’s sister put them in touch and the two arranged a brunch date.

“I loved her energy and how honest she was,” Tiffani said of her new friend. “She wasn’t afraid to express herself and just be open.”

Sources: Mirror UK , The World News