Some social media users believe the calls for her arrest are hypocritical and rooted in racism. These are the lyrics of the song that has attracted controversy:

I'm a Mecca girl

I'm a pedigree girl

Because I work hard

During tough times

I don't lean on others"

The rapper and the video production team will be prosecuted. 

The Emirate of Makkah Region posted the following tweet translated from Arabic: "The Prince of Mecca Khalid Al-Faisal issues an order to apprehend the people who produced the Mecca Girl rap song, which is harming the customs and traditions of Mecca's people and contradicts the noble manners of its people. His order includes referring the concerned authorities for investigation and to be punished accordingly."

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The calls for the arrests received a divided response under the hashtags #You_Are_Not_Mecca's_Girls and #Mecca_Girl_Represents_Me. Here are some of the comments.

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Saudi Arabia recently spent millions to host western celebrities and influencers as part of the socio-economic reforms championed by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to give the kingdom's image a makeover.

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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