Taboo definitely did not expect backlash from a tweet they posted recently, explaining the dress code for ladies at the Sandton nightclub. Some of the rules included no kitten heels, no sneakers and no pumps. See the tweet below.

However, backlash is exactly what they got as women responded angrily to the tweet expressing their disapproval and disappointment that they're still being told what to wear in 2018.

And rightfully so, I mean why is it that wearing stiletto heels qualifies you as smart or sophisticated? Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

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Women on Twitter also demanded that a dress code be compiled for men. The nightclub's account responded with this.

While we do appreciate the nightclub for trying to keep things balanced in the dress code for both men and women (even though they had to be told to do it), we won't forget the ever-present double standards.

No sneakers for women but men can wear them unless they are All Stars?

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Below are some tweets from Twitter users who shared the same sentiments.

While any establishment reserves the right to implement rules regarding admission, behaviour and dress code, it is important that they aren't sexist or racist.

We contacted Taboo and they declined to comment.

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