Head of Faculty: Information and Communications Technology at The Independent Institute of Education Nola Payne says there are creative and entertaining ways in which students can use their time between papers that will also ensure they maintain a good work-life balance.

Get social  

By getting social, we don’t mean diving into facebook or Instagram. Instead, form study groups for individual subjects, which will allow you to take your understanding beyond the books. Your studying group can even take place on Whatsapp. 

“Set up a WhatsApp challenge with your friends, where you can send each other questions about a subject. This will help start discussions, deepening insight and highlighting areas you may have missed. Keep it fun but focused, and see if you can ‘trip up’ your friends with your questions.

Get active

It is very important to exercise during exams, to give your body and mind a break. If you share a study timetable with your friends, you can optimise your time by, for instance, going for a run together during that time you can talk over upcoming papers, points you don’t understand, and questions you believe are likely to arise, hitting two birds with on stone. 

3) Use past exam papers

This method may be an oldie but it definitely still at goldie. One of the best ways to prepare for exams with limited time on hand, is to make use of past exam papers.

“Get your friends together and hold a mock exam, imitating the exam conditions with set times and no peeking in textbooks. Afterwards, switch papers with each person marking another’s paper. This approach has the dual benefit of making you more comfortable with exam conditions, while also solidifying your knowledge in a low-pressure environment.” Says Payne