It's International Women's Day and while we celebrate the continuing achievements and strides women have made, we also need to keep highlighting the issues we still face today.

Such as gender-based violence.

This disturbing video shows just how even in moments of seeming joy, abuse is sometimes not too far behind or ever present.

According to, in a video that was shared on Youtube, even a "wedding tradition turned sinister... as the groom did the unthinkable."

In the video the groom can be seen feeding the bride a slice of cake as per the usual wedding cake share tradition. Happy days.

Until, once it's the bride's turn to feed the groom some cake, she playfully teases her husband with it and he quickly becomes annoyed and slaps her across the face.

And what is usually one of the most significant days in a young person's life, quickly turns into one that will be memorable for the worst reasons for the bride.

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Watch the video below.

Social media users have been left outraged by the grooms repulsive behaviour and many of them were left wondering whether or not the bride would stay in the marriage after such early signs of abuse.

People also questioned the reaction of the people around the newly weds who didn't seem unsure of what action to take after seeing the groom slap the bride. Read some of the comments below.

One Youtube user commented "If he is prepared to do that in public I dread to think what he's capable of doing behind closed doors. Another commented on the way the man was looking at the bride before he fed her the cake, which was indeed questionable.

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"Who else saw the disgust on his face when he put the cake in her mouth? Domestic violence/abuse at wedding night? Where is the human rights watch?"

Other users called on the bride to leave the abusive husband then and there. "She should leave that man rather than living life like hell with him," read the comment.

The clip comes at a time when abuse and violence against women is the conversation on everybody's lips globally, and is a painful reminder that despite all the effort from women and organisations across the world, women abuse is as rife as ever.

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Earlier this week South Africans were left appalled after another clip of famous SA musician Mampintsha is seen hitting his girlfriend, also a musician, Babes Wodumo.

According to Timeslive, there have since been a number of claims made by Mampintsha that Babes has a problem with alcohol and that he had only been defending himself from a violent and drunk Babes on the evening of the incident.

While no one but the couple know the real truth behind these tragic events, violence against a woman can never be condoned or excused.

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