The nation tuned in to watch 22-year-old Cheryl Zondi testify against Pastor Timothy Omotsoso in the highly publicised Port Elizabeth High Court rape trial which began earlier this year.

Cheryl was one of 30 victims who were allegedly trafficked and then kept in a house, while being subjected to sexual abuse.

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Fast forward to only two months after testifying bravely during what was described by viewers as an improper interrogation.

The now national figure has set up the Cheryl Zondi foundation which is aimed at "helping woman and children use the pain of their abuse to raise awareness and also to help these victims through a legal process".

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The foundation will be specifically for those who have suffered abuse in churches and religious or sacred spaces.

When so many women attend church to find refuge and solace, it is particularly shocking when they are assaulted in those same spaces. According to Stats SA, 86% of South Africans consider themselves as Christian followed by, "more than five per cent of individuals subscribed to religions that were described as, ‘ancestral, tribal, animist or other traditional African religions’".

In the wake of the #MeToo and #HearMeToo movements, Cheryl taking the step towards creating conversations around the different kinds of abuse women have been subjected to for so many years deserves a huge round of applause.

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Many took to Twitter to congratulate and encourage the young woman.

One user commented "I like what Cheryl Zondi just did"

Another, commended the activists strength.

And more on her spirit.

The overall support for her initiative has been overwhelming as every step taken to ensure a safer and happier future for women and children is one that we will always support and celebrate.

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